PURPLE COW Employee Benefits 2013

Purple Cow Employee Benefits is a Life, Accident & Health (HMO) plan all rolled into one Employee Benefit program for SME (small to medium enterprises). SME rarely get the same costs & benefits as a large company, but Purple Cow changes all of that: by pooling SME together, Purple Cow gives you instant scale, and treats you like a large company – even if you only have 10 employees, and want to pay monthly.

Get Life insurance equal to 5x your healthcare limit, with total & permanent disability and a living benefit rider; get Accident insurance equal to 5x your healthcare limit, with accidental death & disablement and provoked murder & assault; get healthcare insurance for 100% pre-existing conditions (dreaded or non-dreaded), 100% congenital conditions, and 100% special procedures coverage – all up to your healthcare limits.

Access the Big 5 hospitals (MMC, both SLMC, CSMC, AHMC, TMC) and Healthway; see your own doctor for reimbursement at the lower HMO rate; get 1 permanent filling, 2 oral prophylaxes, etc. with optional dental; and get an optional basic 5 APE (or a design of your choice) in your own office, or in a designated clinic. Everyone gets the same schedule of benefits, but different Room & Board and Maximum Benefit Limit combinations.

Your benefits are on top of Philhealth, so you can afford to have lower limits; the R&B and MBL combinations are good up to 99% of the time, so you can provide the most benefit for the least cost; your utilization is pooled with other SME so you can spread your risk; Dependents get the exact same costs & benefits as employees in 2012; and you get a free Wellness program to boot, inclusive of health seminars & screenings.

SME get instant rates, regardless of size; no franchising, utilization reports, or individual applications are required; and only a master list, endorsement sheet, and letter of guarantee are required. You can buy now and pay later; you can choose to start yesterday, today, or tomorrow (birthday, holiday, etc.); and you can get lower rates if your SME has never had group health before. Same rates apply for Employees (18-65) & Dependents (1mo-65yo).

The medical HMO supplier is Asianlife (ALGA), while the optional dental HMO supplier is HP Dental. ALGA is the #1 Group Life & Medical insurer, and the only insurance company with an HMO plan; HP Dental has 700 dental clinics nationwide, including some in the major malls of Metro-Manila. Tom Gotuaco, ME, RFP, launched Purple Cow in 2008: to date, it is still the only 3-in-1 pooled Employee Benefits program designed for SME.

If you are an SME, and need Employee Benefits to provide financial security for your employees, recruitment & retention for your HR, limited liability & cost control for your Finance, and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) or ‘Pogi Points’ for your CEO, look no further: 1 size fits all SME! And large companies can self-insure via a TPA plan, using the same Purple Cow schedule of benefits, and the same network & service protocols of ALGA.